Grief and Motherhood

My husband captured this quiet, precious moment between Rubina and I the other night as she and I talked about my mom. I'm extremely grateful to have this photo; I hope to never forget the way she looked at me, the tugging feeling as she wound my hair around her small fingers, and the sound of her voice as … Continue reading Grief and Motherhood

Rubina Tyler /// Version 5.0

Our adored babe is now 5 years old and tiny, no longer. There are days in which the past five years are a colorful blur and days in which I feel the wear and weight of every minute. It's been challenging and growth inducing in the most beautiful and rewarding ways. Worth the wear, worth … Continue reading Rubina Tyler /// Version 5.0

Rubina Tyler | Version 4.0 (throwback to buttons birthday)

About 1 month ago our little girl turned 4. I guess this happens; babies growing up and turning into actual people but nothing could have prepared me for how rapidly the time would pass. Four years with her. Looking back, some days it feels like 4 minutes and  other days it feels like 4 lifetimes. … Continue reading Rubina Tyler | Version 4.0 (throwback to buttons birthday)

Throwback to a Tiny Shredder…

Okay "shredder" might be a little extreme but our little one killed it on that mountain. Often we observe how uninhibited children are; how they aren't afraid of anything and are willing to take blind risks. And, obviously children are much more malleable and uninhibited than adults but they aren't necessarily fearless. I know my … Continue reading Throwback to a Tiny Shredder…

Milkshakes, Broken Deals and a Fish Named Val | Valentines Day, Part 2

Well, Valentines Day is 2 days behind us and I'm sure you've all already begun your Easter, Halloween and Christmas prep but I wanted to share our February 14th with you anyway... Prior to dating Kevin, I was the last single person on earth according to my friends and family. I really didn't care much … Continue reading Milkshakes, Broken Deals and a Fish Named Val | Valentines Day, Part 2

Friendship Love | Valentines Day, Part 1

A couple of years ago Rubina and I threw our first Valentines Day party for a sweet group of friends and it's become a really special day each year with people we treasure. My, how they have grown in the last 2 years...   Each year all of the little ones bring a special valentine … Continue reading Friendship Love | Valentines Day, Part 1

My Favorite [Valentines Day] Gifts.

With Valentines Day on the horizon, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite gift ideas. I love giving Rubina goodies on Valentines Day. My mom was so good about this fun holiday; cards, heart shaped cookies and sweet gifts. I have a very vivid memory of the 14th of February when I was in the … Continue reading My Favorite [Valentines Day] Gifts.


Rubina started gymnastics or "'nastics" recently and is loving it. True, there is no scrunchie atop her head but she is still a gymnast 😉 The blurry photo above pretty much sums up every class...constant movement and delight. She has yet to perfect her round-off back-handspring or uneven bar routine but we are loving the energy … Continue reading ‘nastics