Friendship Love | Valentines Day, Part 1

A couple of years ago Rubina and I threw our first Valentines Day party for a sweet group of friends and it’s become a really special day each year with people we treasure. My, how they have grown in the last 2 years…

valentine2013 valentine2014

Each year all of the little ones bring a special valentine to give to their friends and I have so much fun coming up with ideas and creating little cards.

This year I found these fun mailboxes in the dollar section at Target. Rubina is obsessed with mail so I knew she’d be thrilled. I love how it all came together!

IMG_5525 IMG_5520

IMG_5513 IMG_5518


My dear friend, Lauren, hosted the party at her house as I didn’t have space for the entire crew this year. We brunched and talked and laughed and chased our children. It was so much fun. I adore these women and I love how they love me and, especially how they love my little one. The kids were wonderful and, although we were even missing a few from our group, there were so many of them! They ate their weight in cookies (as did I), played dress up, opened and ate every chocolate in the house and thoroughly enjoyed each other. It was so fun. See for yourself…


IMG_5724 IMG_5726

IMG_5579 IMG_5728

IMG_5721 IMG_5727



IMG_5725 IMG_5723

IMG_5720 IMG_5722


Despite the poor photo quality and the few sweet friends who couldn’t make it this time around…everything was perfect. Thank you dear friends for living life with us. We love you.


2 thoughts on “Friendship Love | Valentines Day, Part 1

  1. Resh!!!! Just wanted to quickly say how much I LOVE receiving and reading your blog! You are a gift to me and so many others….I only wish we lived in the same town! 🙂 Love you so, despite the miles and mountains between!





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