Milkshakes, Broken Deals and a Fish Named Val | Valentines Day, Part 2

photo (13)

Well, Valentines Day is 2 days behind us and I’m sure you’ve all already begun your Easter, Halloween and Christmas prep but I wanted to share our February 14th with you anyway…

Prior to dating Kevin, I was the last single person on earth according to my friends and family. I really didn’t care much for Valentines Day; not because I was single, although many argued that point relentlessly, but because I didn’t think that one day of chocolate indulgence made much sense. I’d rather have chocolate everyday. For real. Anyway, before Kevin and I began dating officially we struck a deal that we would forgo anything that resembled a Valentines celebration…forever. I’m pretty sure this is what made him mine and I’m okay with that. And so for the past several years we have gone out of our way to avoid anything Valentines Day related with the exception of purchasing discounted, heart shaped chocolate on the 15th of every year, if I’m being honest.

This year we broke our deal. After 8 years of Valentines solitude, our little darling insisted we all receive gifts to show our love. Rubina picked out Kevin’s gifts with great pleasure and Kevin got me something I’d been wanting for quite some time. I added this perfect Ruby gem necklace to my gold layers. I love it!!! I’m so thankful. Want one? It was designed by my incredibly talented friend, Joy Dravecky. ( It goes quite well with my gold button (also a gift from my husband a few years ago) and my momma’s engagement ring)

photo (21)

Rubina would argue her gift was far better than mine… We decided to mix it up a bit and give her something for which she’d been asking… A pet fish. What were we thinking? I’m not sure but she’s so happy!

Meet Val.

photo (17) photo (12)

After familiarizing ourselves with Val, we celebrated our love (gag) with burgers and shakes and great conversation.

I love my little crew.

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 photo (2)

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Rubina’s Dress | Duchess & Lion Clothing
Jeans & Shoes | Gap Kids

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