My Favorite [Valentines Day] Gifts.

With Valentines Day on the horizon, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite gift ideas. I love giving Rubina goodies on Valentines Day. My mom was so good about this fun holiday; cards, heart shaped cookies and sweet gifts. I have a very vivid memory of the 14th of February when I was in the fifth grade and my parents were going to be out of town. I was staying with a friend and was thrilled to wake up on Valentines Day to find that my mom had left me a sweet card, heart socks, a pink headband, beaded bracelet and a couple of chocolates. I will never forget each of those items and how treasured I felt that morning even though she wasn’t with me.

Here are a few of the gifts I’ve loved giving to my little love…

photo (42) photo (46)

These Pantone books are SO much fun. Rubina loves them; the puzzle book especially. We are both obsessed. There aren’t many days her little fingers aren’t all over these colorful pages.

photo (44) photo (41)

photo (43)

As you’ve seen in a previous post we are crazy over Twig Creative! Rubina wears a camera around her neck on most of our adventures; they evoke such imagination and creativity.

photo (40)

photo (39)

photo (38)

Of course, she always gets a headband and socks, for the reason mentioned above. You know how I love tradition. And one of my favorite finds ever is this sweet, little mushroom night light.

photo (51)

This adorable Sophie & Lili doll is very well loved. I had so much fun customizing her to look like Ruby!

photo (47)

And, finally, I gave Rubina this necklace last year and I’m thrilled to report we haven’t lost it yet! She is always asking to wear it. I put the little charm on a gold chain that belonged to my late grandmother. I think it’s just darling and definitely one of my favorite things.

photo (50)

photo (49)


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