Rubina Tyler | Version 4.0 (throwback to buttons birthday)

About 1 month ago our little girl turned 4. I guess this happens; babies growing up and turning into actual people but nothing could have prepared me for how rapidly the time would pass. Four years with her. Looking back, some days it feels like 4 minutes and  other days it feels like 4 lifetimes. I’m so proud of my sweet pea and love seeing her little life lived so fully. She’s absolutely perfect…when she’s sleeping… She’s pretty wonderful when she’s awake too but, as is the case with all of us, not perfect. Three certainly had its challenges and I’m confident four will, as well. Parenting is so much harder than Kevin and I thought but the goodness far surpasses the difficulty. Have kids, they said… It’ll be fun, they said… Whoa. Parenting requires more sacrifice and patience than I ever imagined but this tiny girl has helped to shape us in a way no one else could.

She had a superhero themed birthday party; upon her request, of course, because she’s so well balanced. We ate cake, made our own superhero capes and masks and played hard. We are thankful for her precious friends and for the opportunity to celebrate Ruby as she takes on year 4.



IMG_6873 IMG_6875




Happy Birthday, Rubina Tyler. We love you so.

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