Rubina started gymnastics or “‘nastics” recently and is loving it. True, there is no scrunchie atop her head but she is still a gymnast 😉 The blurry photo above pretty much sums up every class…constant movement and delight. She has yet to perfect her round-off back-handspring or uneven bar routine but we are loving the energy it extracts from her tiny, energy filled body. As her momma, I’m learning to sit back and observe quietly. She has the sweetest teacher and, while I find the handing off of my little one difficult, I know she’s in good hands. Her teacher has the patience of a saint and I’ve loved seeing how well she cares for my little one. And don’t you worry, my face is pressed so closely against the glass door that I can see my own breath. We are thoroughly enjoying all the new things that each age brings. What fun this job is; watching her grow and learn and seeing her flourish in new environments.


rubydance2 rubydance6

We received these fun leg warmers from June the Shop just in time for her first class. You can find their adorable creations here:


We are in love with this sweet shop.


rubina and her bestie, harper joy. not much sweeter than these two together.


rubydance5 rubydance3

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