The * to the Golden Rule

We all know it...the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It's a simple concept many of us learned as toddlers from our parents or in Sunday school. The concept comes up quite frequently with my 5 year old. Many of our conversations revolve around me asking her to put herself in … Continue reading The * to the Golden Rule

Breathe In | Breathe Out

I wonder what your hopes, dreams, and plans are for the year that lies ahead... I wonder if you'll dare to dream beyond the comfort of familiarity and self imposed restraints... I hope you do...I hope I do too... But first, let us exhale the year we are leaving behind. Let us, collectively, breathe out the mistakes, sorrows, … Continue reading Breathe In | Breathe Out

Pamela June Lewis | 1954 – 2015

My mom passed away just over 4 weeks ago. In the days immediately following her death, there was a deep sense of peace and relief; she had suffered so long and was finally at rest. My dad, brothers and I felt she deserved to go. We knew a great reward awaited her as she moved … Continue reading Pamela June Lewis | 1954 – 2015

Who I Am [Challenge]

I posted this to my Instagram account this past weekend... I managed to score some unanticipated, afternoon writing time while my crew is at the pool. I also included #writer... I added it, deleted it and finally, hesitantly retyped it. Can I actually consider myself a legit writer? I don't have any books or novels published. I have had … Continue reading Who I Am [Challenge]

The Flu With a Side of Fear…

If you're wondering where I've been for the past couple weeks... I've been battling the flu with a side of fear. Our Kickstarter campaign ended over a week ago and I haven't been writing at all. Typically, I write everyday. Typically, I write multiple times throughout each day and sporadically throughout each night. But the flu bug … Continue reading The Flu With a Side of Fear…

The Denver International Airport, My Backside and other “Huger” things…

Rubina says a lot of odd and hysterical things these days. They tell me it's her age. Here's a portion of a conversation we had in the car last weekend... Rubina: I'm a little girl and you're a mommy. Me: That's right...what's the difference between little girls and mommies? Rubina: Little girls just play and dance … Continue reading The Denver International Airport, My Backside and other “Huger” things…

Confessions of a Chubby Girl | No. 1 An Attempt at Authenticity

I have 1 confession to share with you today but, stay tuned, there are more to come...  Confession No. 1: In the first year of marriage I once polished off an entire box of Girl Scout cookies and had to make a quick, secretive run to the store to buy another so as not to … Continue reading Confessions of a Chubby Girl | No. 1 An Attempt at Authenticity