Who I Am [Challenge]

I posted this to my Instagram account this past weekend…


I managed to score some unanticipated, afternoon writing time while my crew is at the pool.

I also included #writer… I added it, deleted it and finally, hesitantly retyped it. Can I actually consider myself a legit writer? I don’t have any books or novels published. I have had my work featured on several blogs and sites and one piece even reprinted and published in an adoption magazine but I’m still not convinced. Do I dare call myself a writer? Seems pretty bold and ballsy to label myself with such a prestigious title (side note: my mother, grandmother, mother-in-law and every classy woman on the planet just cringed as they read that word on my blog…sorry!). How trivial and ridiculous to spend any time at all wrestling with whether or not to include a particular hashtag and on a hand selfie, no less. But I think you and I both know my struggle is not rooted in something as insignificant as a hashtag. My struggle lies in a lack of confidence, minimal faith in myself and a general feeling of not measuring up. As I previously stated, my book is not yet published and while it’s well underway, publishing is a hurdle I’ve yet to overcome. However, the point is that it can be overcome. I want to be a writer and I’m writing so as to become one. Whether or not that self given title would hold up in court, I do not know, but I’m operating under the assumption that no one plans to sue me over it… Humility is a vital piece of doing anything well and I don’t believe you can have true success in its absence. However, humility and self confidence are two very different, while often confused, characteristics. Be humble with your gifts and talents but be confident in fulfilling your purpose. Operate with a profound degree of humility while constantly moving forward, pushing yourself, trusting your instincts and embracing the things you do well.

So, who are you? What are you? Are you a writer, counselor or artist? Are you a pianist, director or foreman? And what do you hope to be? What are your dreams? Be confident in your dreams so that you may claim them.

The challenge? Here it is…

1| Find a Post-it

2| Write down who you are/what you want to be

3| BE BOLD about your claim

4| Take a photo and upload it to your social media outlets with the hashtag #whoiampostitchallenge (copy and paste these instructions for your post so your friends know what you’re up to and include the link to Writtenbyresh.com so we can spread the word!)

5| Challenge your friends by tagging them!





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