The Denver International Airport, My Backside and other “Huger” things…

Rubina says a lot of odd and hysterical things these days. They tell me it’s her age. Here’s a portion of a conversation we had in the car last weekend…

Rubina: I’m a little girl and you’re a mommy.

Me: That’s right…what’s the difference between little girls and mommies?

Rubina: Little girls just play and dance and sing songs and mommies do everything like make pancakes and go to Target. And mommies have bigger bottoms, not huger like the airport but bigger than mine!

Friends, have you seen Denver International Airport? Have you seen any airport, ever? They’re big. Like “huger” big. While I’m not exactly thrilled that, in reference to size, my bottom and an airport were mentioned in the same sentence, I’ll grant her grace. Because she’s only nearly 4. And because she’s hilarious.

photo (26)

I’ve got something really exciting to share with you in 1 week. It’s something big. It’s something I hope you’ll want to be a part of. Sharing my dreams, fears, idiosyncrasies and personal growth with you has become easier and more comfortable over time. It’s been therapeutic and has helped me to live a much more authentic life. I’m not afraid of sharing less than flattering pieces of my life with you and I’m not afraid of asking you to join me on a mission; to live in a transparent and authentic way by sharing our stories with one another. Okay, I’m a little afraid…but I’m doing it anyway.


And, thanks to a google image search, here’s a view of DIA. In case you were wondering about it’s vastness.

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