Blank, Fresh Space…

And so here I sit, cozy and content on the first day of a new year; my husband seated at the other end of the couch taking in a football game (Go Ducks!!) and my little Rubina fully enveloped in her creative and playful imagination. I sit here thinking of the days ahead to be filled, the pages to be written, the trials to endure and the joy to be had. I’m overwhelmed by the goodness of the year behind me and by the grace that sustained me through each challenge it brought. I cannot help but think of the things I didn’t accomplish in 2014; some of which are big and some not so big. I also cannot help but be so thankful for more opportunities that lie in wait. I’m not a resolution maker or achiever but I do love a clean, fresh start. A new calendar. A blank space. Freshness. Newness. Ripeness. In 2015 I pray for another year of growth, of loving people more and envying them less, of giving more generously and joyfully, a year of striving to be better and of swimming in a sea of contentment with all I’ve been blessed with.
I don’t know exactly what this year will entail but here are some things I do know…
I know one of my great challenges in 2015 will be balancing my dreams and my responsibilities. I know I will need to push myself further, harder and deeper than I have before. I know that without a surrender to the plans The Lord has for me I am a woman without purpose. So I will relish in the freshness of this new Day 1 and I will pursue the purposes He has laid out for me with passion and persistence. I hope your dreams will flow freely this year and that you live and live well.
Happy New Year. ENJOY.

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