The Cutest, Little Lady in Nerdy Sneakers

I saw a woman in the grocery store today who reminded me SO much of my mom. She was tiny and a little hunched over. She was wearing nerdy sneakers with a long skirt and I could almost hear my mom saying, "Aren't they cute? Do you want me to buy you a pair?". Her … Continue reading The Cutest, Little Lady in Nerdy Sneakers

How to be a Bad Mom, Part 2 | Blue is the New Orange

Motherhood in May / Part 1 The Motherhood in May series meets the How to be a Bad Mom series. In the early days of teaching Rubina her colors we would play the "color game" and one day, this transpired: Me: What color are your boots? R: Yellow! What color is the box? R: Blue! What color is … Continue reading How to be a Bad Mom, Part 2 | Blue is the New Orange

Pamela June Lewis | 1954 – 2015

My mom passed away just over 4 weeks ago. In the days immediately following her death, there was a deep sense of peace and relief; she had suffered so long and was finally at rest. My dad, brothers and I felt she deserved to go. We knew a great reward awaited her as she moved … Continue reading Pamela June Lewis | 1954 – 2015

My [less than] Two Cents on Implementing Trends…on Your Face.

I don't do many style posts, primarily because I don't claim to be a fashion expert even though I do love it. But today, something is on my mind... Trends. In the beginning, we love them with an overwhelming lust like that of a hormone charged  jr. higher; we hurriedly bring them into our closets … Continue reading My [less than] Two Cents on Implementing Trends…on Your Face.

Learn to be a Ninja…

Rubina often presents some interesting topics during our evening bedtime banter; anything to stall and fill the short space of time between adamantly protesting her sleepiness and her sweet, little snores. She's presented many questions over the years during this time... Last night, after singing each of her favorite songs [twice] she quietly said, "Mommy, … Continue reading Learn to be a Ninja…

Block & Flow

Feast...Famine. All...Nothing. My previous post was about my excitement of beginning another year and all of the blank space splayed out before me. The truth is that since writing those words I've really struggled in the first days of 2015; to find motivation, to complete my to-do lists, to follow through and to really live well. … Continue reading Block & Flow

7.5 million and then some…

Women's Event. Sounds like a good time, right? Eh, not really even to most women, if we're being honest. A women's event at church? Even worse. Again, if honesty is the theme here. The thought of spending copious amounts of time with other women can be daunting simply because of the universal knowledge that we all … Continue reading 7.5 million and then some…