My [less than] Two Cents on Implementing Trends…on Your Face.

I don’t do many style posts, primarily because I don’t claim to be a fashion expert even though I do love it. But today, something is on my mind…

Trends. In the beginning, we love them with an overwhelming lust like that of a hormone charged  jr. higher; we hurriedly bring them into our closets and reserve them for the days in which we’ll be seen by the most people. We stock up in every color and variation. Thoughts of whichever fashionable trend is the most prevalent at the time, flood our minds constantly and invade our budgets. And then, just like the shifting of the wind, we throw them out. Not only do we throw them out but we throw them out hard; we mock their memory and ridicule the fact that they ever existed. We shame ourselves and each other for daring turn a fleeting trend into a classic.

What were we thinking?

It’s simply the ebb and flow of fashion. The inevitable highs and lows of style and none of us are exempt.

But, please friends, let us be the most careful with the trends we invite to take up space on our faces. Today I’m thinking specifically about eyebrows. Brows are back. It’s true and they’ve been back for a while. Thick. Lush. Full. I love it. I have never been a fan of the “pluck them like a maniac/tweezers are your best friend” look. Now, my opposition to the thin line eyebrow is likely because I’m Indian and I can easily get on board when it comes to promoting hairiness. The current brow news is fantastic for Indians around the globe. I lack many things in many areas but eyebrows is not one of them. I’ve got brows for days; as I’m sure you remember, it’s one of the reasons I think I’d look good as a ninja (see previous post).

photo (3)

Be kind to your face. I mean, of course, wear sunscreen and blah, blah, nighttime moisturizer, blah but I mean be kind in a way that you don’t allow any trend to take up permanent residency on your face. Bright lipstick trend, yes. Eyebrow tattooing, NO. The saying, “go big or go home” doesn’t apply here. I say take the far less traveled “middle of the road” approach when it comes to facial trends. Don’t get carried away with that brow thickening sharpie and don’t pluck them all out until only six sad hairs remain. Because six hairs does not an eyebrow make. Middle of the road, friends. Admire makeup risks on the model on the runway. Keep it simple on yourself at the Safeway.

Now, if I could only get a female mustache trend to stick I could toss out my tweezers for good!

My [less than] two cents.

photo (34)

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