I Can Never Be Better Than You…


Kevin and I moved to Denver nearly five years ago and have been incredibly blessed to develop friendships that feel more like family. These are a few of my sweet friends (the entire crew is not pictured here, unfortunately). They are our Denver family and I am so thankful for these women. They’re incredible; each one of them has so much to offer. They are full of life and integrity, they are down to earth and over the top hilarious. Many are artists, momma’s, a real estate mogul, a photographer, jewelry designers, a singer and songwriter, an interior designer, they’re all excellent cooks and so much more. They are the most encouraging group of women and are always spurring each other on to do better and be better while not abandoning the fact that sometimes we just need to settle in right where we are. Within this group I have found so much support and inspiration to continue passionately pursuing my purposes in life. There’s not much more you could ask of your friends.

One thing I love so much is that we aren’t in competition with one another. There is a thread that binds us all together and the fiber of that thread is a genuine desire for each other’s success in life; success in being wives and mothers, in our careers and in every other aspect of our lives. I’m thankful I get to be me and that I have this crew cheering for me each step of the way.

I have attempted, at various stages of my life, to mimic the people around me; their attitude, style, successes, passions, etc… The list is rather lengthy so I’ll stop there under the assumption that I’ve made my copy cat history clear. The truth is that I can never be better than you. I am me and, therefore, cannot be any version of you better than you. So often our dreams are over-shadowed by what everyone else is doing around us so we go into imitation mode. What I’ve learned is that this is an incredibly long and dissatisfying road. While I believe firmly that we should sharpen and encourage one another so as to elevate our goals and deepen our faith I also firmly believe we should do this without trying to be someone else; without trying to emulate someone else’s pursuits. My friends have set the standard of living high, not with regards to financial gain or worldly success but in that they are good at pursuing their dreams. These women get after it and they have raised the bar. We should all surround ourselves with people of this caliber. We ought to apply those high standards to our own dreams, talents and purposes. Let us not try to blindly recreate the purposes of those around us and be imitators. We should be more focused on our own dreams. Let’s not muddy our own pursuits by trying to do something for which we weren’t created. Narrow your focus to being a better you; to being the best version of you. No one can be a better you. You were uniquely created and you cannot be copied or outdone as it pertains to your own purpose. I can never be better than you. I can only be better than who I was yesterday; by pushing onward and fulfilling the purposes for which I was created.

We are not in a competition. We are simply playing different roles on the same team. I love my teammates.


another photo of some of us from a couple years ago with our littles. we’re raising up another generation of teammates 😉

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