7.5 million and then some…

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Women’s Event. Sounds like a good time, right? Eh, not really even to most women, if we’re being honest. A women’s event at church? Even worse. Again, if honesty is the theme here. The thought of spending copious amounts of time with other women can be daunting simply because of the universal knowledge that we all like to talk a lot. A lot, a lot. What’s that statistic? Men speak somewhere around 4.5 words a day and women speak a minimum of 7.5 million? Yeah, I’m pretty sure those are the numbers. Google it. You’ll see.

I called one of my pastor’s a little over a year ago to share with him something that had been on my heart. My idea? An event for the women in our church; a time set aside for us to spend time together in order to build and grow deeper relationships. It was an idea to which he was incredibly receptive so I enlisted the help of two of my friends and we set out to create a “better than a baby shower” get together. What would that entail? First, it means no stupid games. No eating a poop like substance that was previously melted onto a diaper and deciphering whether it is a Snickers or a Baby Ruth. Yes, this actually happens. It’s awful. And, it’s always a Baby Ruth. Because of the pun, of course. No guessing just how enormous the mother to be is because that is just the meanest game ever. Do you hate the expectant mother? I think you do. And no writing your own address on your own envelope so that eventually you’ll receive a thank you card in the mail and you’ll have a moment of panic thinking you accidentally sent someone else’s card to yourself because you’re just that big of an idiot. Is it just me? Maybe. Likely.

Tonight we had our 3rd Women of Fellowship event of the year and it was incredible. The only similarities to a baby shower were that there were women and eating. Those also happen to be the only redeeming qualities of any shower; well that and the celebration of bringing a new life into the world…blah, blah, blah… And, while I’m sure I’ll never be invited to another baby shower again, please know I’m kidding (a little). Baby shower bashing aside, I really want to express a great deal of gratitude. All 3 of our events have been successful in that they have helped to develop, foster and grow relationships between some amazing and unique women. I have learned so much about so many women in my church family. I have become dear friends with some women who I’ve sat behind in church for nearly 5 years without even knowing their names. We’ve had coffee and play dates. We have emailed and sent texts griping about a bad day or sharing exciting news. I wonder what I was doing before some of these women came into my life? I’m so thankful they’re here now. I’m so thankful to have pastor’s who can recognize a need and who will offer the support to bring one person’s small vision to fruition. I’m thankful for the women who have worked so hard to bring all 3 events together. They have worked so hard. And I’m thankful for the women who have shown up. Sometimes that’s the most difficult part. I am so thankful. I just couldn’t let tonight pass by without sharing this immense feeling of gratitude.

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Disclaimer: I really don’t hate baby showers. I promise. I had to go there for maximum impact. Please still invite me. Especially if you have good snacks. While I won’t eat candy bar poop or estimate the exact circumference of your growing belly, I will address my own envelope. I can see the kindness in that 😉

WOF logo: Jenn Goodrich

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