Grief and Motherhood

My husband captured this quiet, precious moment between Rubina and I the other night as she and I talked about my mom. I'm extremely grateful to have this photo; I hope to never forget the way she looked at me, the tugging feeling as she wound my hair around her small fingers, and the sound of her voice as … Continue reading Grief and Motherhood

Five Years Ago | My Miracle Momma & Long Term Suffering

Five years ago I woke up in the middle the night certain my mom had died. She'd had surgery a couple days prior and wasn't rebounding as quickly as they'd hoped; her Dr's made 3 critical errors during this minor, routine surgery. I was worried. It was 1am in Colorado and midnight in Oregon. I slept restlessly for … Continue reading Five Years Ago | My Miracle Momma & Long Term Suffering

Actually, Pamela is My Mother…

A lot of thought and prayer went into titling the documentary and I did initially struggle with the phrase "Calcutta is My Mother" simply because I do have a mother and her name is Pamela. While I believe it to be an appropriate title for the film because it best encompasses the driving force behind the project, I want to clear … Continue reading Actually, Pamela is My Mother…

I Hate the Term “Adoptive Parents”

In one of my recent posts I used the term "Adoptive Mom" when referring to my mom. I did so for clarification purposes because I had also referenced my biological mom within the same paragraph. I hate that I called her my "adoptive mom". Even as I wrote that portion I labored over it, wavering … Continue reading I Hate the Term “Adoptive Parents”

Friendship Love | Valentines Day, Part 1

A couple of years ago Rubina and I threw our first Valentines Day party for a sweet group of friends and it's become a really special day each year with people we treasure. My, how they have grown in the last 2 years...   Each year all of the little ones bring a special valentine … Continue reading Friendship Love | Valentines Day, Part 1