throwback to a preemie named rubina…

photo (7)

I missed World Prematurity Day on Monday so I’m making up for it now. Rubina was born at exactly 30 weeks; 2 full months early. We were terrified. Because her early arrival was so unexpected none of our family had arrived in Denver so we were alone. While, we would have loved to have our parents with us during those frightening hours, there was definitely a wonderful sense of intimacy for Kevin and I as we endured and experienced this as a couple. The photo above is one of my favorites. It’s a photo of a 1 day old Rubina gripping her daddy’s finger. Her tiny arm was smaller than his FINGER. I can hardly believe now that she was once so small. I waited over 8 hours before I was finally able to see and hold her and then a long and excruciating 6 weeks and 1 day to finally bring her home. It was an incredibly beautiful, wonderful, painful, terrible time. It was an amazing time of growth; physical for Ruby and spiritual for Kevin and I. I’m so thankful for such a good, good husband and for our incredible parents who cared for us so well. And there really isn’t a way to describe the nurses who became a part of our family over those several, difficult weeks; for how well they nurtured and loved on our sweet pea during the hours we were and were not there. And for how well they nurtured and cared for her momma and daddy. We love them. We will always love them deeply.

And then there’s this little one.


You’d never know by looking at her now that she was once a frail, preemie who struggled to survive. How thankful we are; beyond any depths of gratitude we’ve ever experienced.

We are SO grateful for our Rubina Tyler.

She gave me my first biological connection. She brought me to life. She made us a family.


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