Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground | Head Soaring in the Skies Above

I've been absent, and not only from the pages of Written. While I write nearly every day, I was in need of a small breather from blog writing and book writing. I needed to clear some space and reassess my intentions and purpose. A reexamination of intentions is always a good idea, in my opinion, and this … Continue reading Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground | Head Soaring in the Skies Above

Confessions of a Chubby Girl | No. 3 Organization Shmorganization

If you're not familiar with this series you can read Confession No. 1 here and Confession No. 2 here. Confession No. 3: While looking for any number of random items throughout my day I, inadvertently, find myself standing in front of an open refrigerator. Excuse me, your phone isn't in there, Resh, and neither is … Continue reading Confessions of a Chubby Girl | No. 3 Organization Shmorganization

The First Forty.

Since returning from Calcutta 40 days ago, I've spent hours upon hours writing. I've barely slept and I have the dark circles and serial yawning syndrome to prove it. My evening routine begins with cozy time with my little one; I'll read more books than we initially agreed upon and allow even more sips of water before finally … Continue reading The First Forty.

The Humble Hustle.

This vital reminder hangs above my desk; the space where I sit to write my book, blog and plan future chapters of my life. I absolutely LOVE it. Humility isn't something I've always embraced as wholly as I'd like to report; looking back it's embarrassingly absent. Kevin and I moved to Denver about 5 1/2 years ago and … Continue reading The Humble Hustle.

Who I Am [Challenge]

I posted this to my Instagram account this past weekend... I managed to score some unanticipated, afternoon writing time while my crew is at the pool. I also included #writer... I added it, deleted it and finally, hesitantly retyped it. Can I actually consider myself a legit writer? I don't have any books or novels published. I have had … Continue reading Who I Am [Challenge]


I'm terrible about unpacking after returning from a trip. Always have been. Terrible. Embarrassingly so. I've been home from Calcutta for about 2 weeks and this is an actual snapshot of the space where my suitcase, backpack and a pile of odds and ends have come to reside; hopefully not permanently. Albeit a small glimpse of the … Continue reading Unpacking…