Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground | Head Soaring in the Skies Above

I’ve been absent, and not only from the pages of Written. While I write nearly every day, I was in need of a small breather from blog writing and book writing. I needed to clear some space and reassess my intentions and purpose. A reexamination of intentions is always a good idea, in my opinion, and this pause has been good for me.

It’s been exactly 1 year since the launch of Written. As most of you are aware, I created this site as a precursor/launching pad for a book I hoped would come to fruition. So much has happened in these past 12 months that have brought better perspective and clearer vision to the purposes I hope to fulfill.

Dreaming up dreams is thrilling. Bringing dreams to life is work.

I’ve spent many hours dreaming and working over the course of the past year. I’ve worked tirelessly in order to fulfill my dream of writing a book, detailing my life as an adoptee. Writing about my adoption has been incredibly revealing and challenging. Its given me a renewed mission in life. Listening to the stories of other adoptees has been a beautiful and eye opening gift and what I’ve absorbed so far is absolutely a part of the fulfillment of my dream.  It has been enlightening, painful and all encompassing. I’d humbly submit, however, the process has made me better. Writing has brought a depth to my character I greatly lacked in that it forced me to be authentic. While there is much work to be done in order to embrace an even deeper level of authenticity, I’d never have come so far without writing.

I have a story. I have a point of view. I have a dream. Do I have a book? I don’t know. I have to live in a reality in which its possible there will never be a book. The truth is, the pages I’ve written – the pages I’ve spent countless hours working on – may never be read by anyone. I may not be writing a book after all. That possibility, however, will not stop me from completing what I’ve set out to do. I have to keep pushing myself further and harder for the right reasons. I have to keep writing and editing and editing and editing. I have to keep my dream in sight, all the while, acknowledging my success may not be conventional. My success may be in the process; in the willingness to pursue the dream at all. There is risk in sharing lofty goals and dreams. Failure might be waiting for me but I feel good about dreaming up dreams and setting out to achieve them. I feel good about sharing those dreams. I’m excited and hopeful about the completion of my story and the pages to be written long after I finish the final chapters. I don’t know what’s in store for my book; it may grace only my shelf and that is enough.

The process is a treasure and purpose fulfilling all on it’s own.

The fruits may be in the process.

I’m writing my story in book form with cautious optimism; feet firmly planted on the ground, head soaring in the skies above.

2 thoughts on “Feet Firmly Planted on the Ground | Head Soaring in the Skies Above

  1. Resh – I have done a little freelance writing over the years and have researched the book publishing industry. You might consider “print on demand” as an option. That way – you only print books when you receive the orders and payments. And you don’t have any leftover unsold book copies. If you haven’t already – you might consider joining a local book self-publishing group. Also, I have a friend from high school, Margi Evans, who is a successful book publisher. Please feel free to contract her on Facebook and use my name as a referral. Best of luck – you are a very talented writer !


  2. I have no doubt that your words, your hard work, will fulfill a purpose beyond what we can see or know or expect. I also agree that so much is in the process, the commitment, the obedience. I, for one, am inspired by your faithfulness to a year of writing, a year of doing the very hard work. I pray your dreams for your book, your blog, your words, are fully realized.


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