Confessions of a Chubby Girl | No. 3 Organization Shmorganization

If you’re not familiar with this series you can read Confession No. 1 here and Confession No. 2 here.

Confession No. 3: While looking for any number of random items throughout my day I, inadvertently, find myself standing in front of an open refrigerator. Excuse me, your phone isn’t in there, Resh, and neither is your thigh gap…

Organization is not my strong suit. I do have bouts of it but, far too often, my attempt at routine eventually falls away and chaos ensues. Chaos? Maybe that’s too strong a word but it’s how I feel internally when my life is not structured. For me, refrigerator frequency is a result of being a chubby girl as much as it’s a result of my general flightiness and inability to stay on track. I crave structure. I need structure because without it I will accomplish nothing more quickly than anyone ever.

Organization shmorganization. Blaaaaaaaah! It can be quite daunting; especially these days as I am juggling so many roles and the tasks they each demand. I’m finding organization crucial despite continually fighting against it. I still spend much of my time flailing around, trying to remember what it is I was just going to do and then grabbing yet another snack while sorting it out (I mean, I’m standing at the pantry door anyway so why not? It’ll save me a trip in 5 minutes.). Before finally forcing myself back into the structure of my schedule, I will have consumed approximately 10,000 pumpkin seeds, 40 chocolate chips and 7 grapes. I’m the worst. However, the point is I do force myself back on schedule these days. I typically write out my daily to-do’s with a time frame and then run about 2-3 hours behind in checking off each item. What’s funny  about this is I actually consider it to be progress because there was a time in which I wouldn’t even attempt completion of my list, let alone write one out in the first place. Organization makes me better all around; it’s simpler than I thought and far more rewarding. I’ve learned I absolutely cannot be nearly as purposeful in my life in the absence of organization.   My pointers: Get yourself a calendar, utilize the one on your phone even, make lists and apply a time frame to each item! Focus on getting as much out of your day as possible! Snacks are key too…a girls gotta eat and stay energized…


 In front of my fridge consuming grape no. 5.


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