Taking the L E A P . . .

Today is the day. I’m heading back to Calcutta for the first time since I left nearly 35 years ago as an infant. I’m feeling incredibly nervous, fearful, excited, leery and thankful. I still cannot believe I’m about to embark on this journey. Having the crew here for the past few days has been really wonderful; I’ve found a comfort zone in being filmed and I’ve officially added each of them to my extended family. I really love them. And to say Kevin and Rubina are troopers would be an understatement of absurd proportions; they’ve been absolute troopers. I don’t know how I came to be so fortunate as to have them as my most treasured treasures.

As I previously mentioned, my emotions are wide spread and from one extreme to another at any given moment. I’ve been a real treat to be around, as you can imagine. The most wonderful part is that amidst my varying moods, the people around me have been gracious and gentle. Kevin consistently offers me support in a way everyone ought to be supported. He’s the best of the best. And sweet Ruby has this statement on repeat: “Mommy, I know you’re going to miss me but you have to go to India. I’m going to choose to be brave and you just need to choose to be brave too…”. Truth be told, I’m not sure if that eases or increases my mom guilt 😉 I do know, however, that she is the sweetest little gem ever.

And so today I take a leap I’m afraid to take. A leap I’m meant to take. A leap I’m grateful to have the opportunity to take. To those of you who have encouraged me, prayed for me and sent me your happy thoughts, I thank you once again and I ask that you keep it all flowing.

Peace. I’m out.

Taking the L E A P . . .

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