36 and 10 / What I’ve Learned About Adoption

Today marks 36 years since my arrival from Calcutta. It's hard for me to believe that one year ago I was back in Calcutta on the 35th anniversary filming Calcutta is My Mother. I've spent the past 2 years researching adoption, having heart to heart conversations with adoptees, and writing down every thought and feeling of … Continue reading 36 and 10 / What I’ve Learned About Adoption

I Long for Both of Mine…

Motherhood in May / Part 3 As I've thrown myself into writing my book, I've shared less and less about adoption here. I kind of hate that even though it is a necessity as I am determined to manage my book content and keep it fresh. (for all previous posts on adoption, click here) Today, however, I have a few … Continue reading I Long for Both of Mine…

Taking the L E A P . . .

Today is the day. I'm heading back to Calcutta for the first time since I left nearly 35 years ago as an infant. I'm feeling incredibly nervous, fearful, excited, leery and thankful. I still cannot believe I'm about to embark on this journey. Having the crew here for the past few days has been really wonderful; … Continue reading Taking the L E A P . . .

Today I am Thirty Five…Give or Take a Day or Two…

Today is my 35th birthday. I'm pretty sure, anyway. But I do not know this 100%. Because of the circumstances surrounding my abandonment, there is no real way to confirm the actual date of my birth. Did they record my birth as the day they found me? Or was it the day I arrived at the orphanage? … Continue reading Today I am Thirty Five…Give or Take a Day or Two…

Calcutta is My Mother | FAQ

In case you missed yesterdays big announcement, you can read about it here! I've received some good questions about the documentary and I wanted to address them: Q: How do your parents feel about this? A: I have a very close relationship with both of my parents and rarely does a day pass in which … Continue reading Calcutta is My Mother | FAQ

Calcutta is My Mother | A Documentary

Last Fall I agreed to be the subject of a documentary in which my first return to Calcutta, India will be documented. My first return to the slum where my abandonment took place. My first glimpse into a culture that is sewn into the fiber of my being but to which I have no real connection. … Continue reading Calcutta is My Mother | A Documentary

I Hate the Term “Adoptive Parents”

In one of my recent posts I used the term "Adoptive Mom" when referring to my mom. I did so for clarification purposes because I had also referenced my biological mom within the same paragraph. I hate that I called her my "adoptive mom". Even as I wrote that portion I labored over it, wavering … Continue reading I Hate the Term “Adoptive Parents”

The 70/30 Theory | Throwback Thursday

I have often teased Kevin that Rubina is 70% mine and 30% his. It's just a joke in our home but when she was first born I actually used to get mad when people would mention how much she looked like Kevin with no mention of me. I never expressed this outwardly, of course; it was simply an internal … Continue reading The 70/30 Theory | Throwback Thursday

The Genetic Gap.

These are my parents. I love them. Adore them. And what a family resemblance, right? I know I'm extremely fortunate to find deep family connections where there are no actual bloodlines. I've mentioned before that I've never felt any level of disconnect between my parents and I. There is, however, a genetic gap. A part … Continue reading The Genetic Gap.