Kevin McClintock | LOVE of my life


This guy. He’s so wonderful. He’s strong and affectionate; generous and humble. He’s basically everything that is good and kind. Kevin is my love language. I ADORE him.

A general, 3 point summation of Kevin would look something like this:

  • Forgiving & Gracious
  • Witty & Hilarious
  • H A N D S O ME  &  H A N D S O M E

Kevin and I have been together more than 11 years and married more than 9. Throughout our life together he has demonstrated forgiveness and grace consistently. Being married to me provides him with plentiful opportunities to live out forgiveness and grace on a regular basis. You’ve heard me say before he’s the funniest person I’ve ever known and it’s the absolute truth. His humor is so on point; he makes me laugh everyday. I wish I had his wit. There’s just no one like him. Regarding his good looks, I mean, HELLO. You know how in every couple one half is better looking than the other? Yeah. He’s that one. Let’s be real. And I’m okay with it. SUPER okay with it.


We’ve had our struggles and challenges in life but he is so faithful to endure and persevere; he won’t quit, he won’t back down, he won’t be beat. He takes on every trial with a level of grace and purpose I’ve never before seen lived out. Each time disappointment knocks on our door he’s quick to reflect and redirect so that we are thoughtfully pursuing the Lords purpose in our lives. He leads our family so well. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have him as my husband and as daddy to our little one. I love how he loves Rubina and how she loves him; I love the depth of their connection. Most days I still cannot believe he chose me to be his wife. I’m so blessed. He’s so, so good.

Happy Birthday, my darling. I love you, deep.

DSC_0592 (1)

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