Into My City…

I’ve found my time in Calcutta to be a far greater challenge than I could have anticipated. It’s been peaceful and unsettling; fulfilling, revealing and shocking. My emotions have soared as high as pure delight and joy and have fallen as low as deep devastation leaving me increasingly distraught at times. There are moments of lightness but the heaviness never eases within me; it’s weight ever present. Yesterday, in an attempt to escape my thoughts, I went for a long walk in my city and met some new, sweet friends near the river. For the few moments we shared laughing and attempting to understand each other I was lifted out of my inner turmoil, away from myself and into my city and into it’s people. I may have breathed in my first deep breath, since arriving in Calcutta, while on the banks of that river and in the company of strangers who became friends. It felt good. It felt right. These moments are treasures to me; they will certainly be a few of my favorites in Calcutta.



2 thoughts on “Into My City…

  1. You are a brave girl, Resh. It takes courage to step into the unknown and to face deep inner questions without the assurance of answers. I trust you will look back on this time and have no regrets. Forge ahead, my dear friend. Remember, you are not alone.


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