36 and 10 / What I’ve Learned About Adoption

Today marks 36 years since my arrival from Calcutta. It's hard for me to believe that one year ago I was back in Calcutta on the 35th anniversary filming Calcutta is My Mother. I've spent the past 2 years researching adoption, having heart to heart conversations with adoptees, and writing down every thought and feeling of … Continue reading 36 and 10 / What I’ve Learned About Adoption

I Long for Both of Mine…

Motherhood in May / Part 3 As I've thrown myself into writing my book, I've shared less and less about adoption here. I kind of hate that even though it is a necessity as I am determined to manage my book content and keep it fresh. (for all previous posts on adoption, click here) Today, however, I have a few … Continue reading I Long for Both of Mine…

2016 American Adoption Congress Conference

I recently had the honor/pleasure/joy of presenting at this years American Adoption Congress Conference (AAC) here in Denver. Last Fall, I timidly submitted a proposal to share about the grief  I've experienced as an adoptee. I was shocked to receive an email accepting my proposal the day after my moms funeral. It was wonderful news which I received … Continue reading 2016 American Adoption Congress Conference

Kickstarting a Tiny Force

Today marks one year since we launched the Kickstarter campaign which funded Calcutta is My Mother. Michael, Director of the film, and I went to HS together in Portland, OR. We hadn't seen each other in about 17 years when we exchanged a few messages on Facebook about a recent trip he'd made to India. I had barely started … Continue reading Kickstarting a Tiny Force

The First Forty.

Since returning from Calcutta 40 days ago, I've spent hours upon hours writing. I've barely slept and I have the dark circles and serial yawning syndrome to prove it. My evening routine begins with cozy time with my little one; I'll read more books than we initially agreed upon and allow even more sips of water before finally … Continue reading The First Forty.