Rubina Tyler /// Version 5.0

Our adored babe is now 5 years old and tiny, no longer. There are days in which the past five years are a colorful blur and days in which I feel the wear and weight of every minute. It's been challenging and growth inducing in the most beautiful and rewarding ways. Worth the wear, worth … Continue reading Rubina Tyler /// Version 5.0

Kevin McClintock | LOVE of my life

  This guy. He's so wonderful. He's strong and affectionate; generous and humble. He's basically everything that is good and kind. Kevin is my love language. I ADORE him. A general, 3 point summation of Kevin would look something like this: Forgiving & Gracious Witty & Hilarious H A N D S O ME  & … Continue reading Kevin McClintock | LOVE of my life