Confessions of a Chubby Girl | No. 2 The Glass is Half Full

Confession No. 2

(read confession no. 1 here)

I once noticed the ring I had received from my late grandmother was missing from my finger. My darling husband and I searched the floor, the garbage, drawers and drains for hours. It was gone; but not forever… I later found it at the bottom of a bag of potato chips. True story. It just plopped right into the palm of my hand with an assortment of  oddly shaped, fried potato bits. Now, if you’re a skinny, glass is half empty kind of person you may be thinking I never would have found myself in this predicament had I not been indulging in those greasy potato chips to begin with… BUT if you’re a chubby, glass is half full kind of person (such as myself) you’re likely thinking the happy ending to this story was actually found in that bag of chips. See, eating as a way of coping isn’t always bad. I love chips.

Does is seem like I’ve been complaining and whining a lot lately? I’m scared…waaah. I’m feeling insecure…waaah. I’m worried about being away from my family…waaah.

Yes, I have many concerns about the coming weeks and all they will entail. I am often overwhelmed at the thought of what I am taking on. However, I am so excited and so thankful. I want to do this. And in the moments I’m able to set my fears aside I am hopeful and joyful. I am filled with anticipatory butterflies because I am certain there is great potential here to make a deep and profound impact within the adoption community.

I assure you, the glass is half full in my mind as I look forward to returning to Calcutta and filming the documentary. I am overwrought in a way I have never been before. This is good. This is thrilling. I still can’t believe I get to do this.

And, actually, this morning my glass has even surpassed the half full mark and is straight up overflowing.

I’m rejoicing in the possibilities and joy that is to come.


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