Product Feature ::: Twig Creative


A few years ago I stumbled upon the sweetest eco-friendly, toy camera for Rubina. Twig Creative is an incredible company run by husband and wife, Steve and Michelle. They handcraft modern toys and furniture for children; we have been big fans and supporters since their very early days.

Twig3 DSC_0802

I love the clever and innovative way in which Twig has tapped into exactly what children really desire; to imagine and create play time themselves. Children need only a jumping off point from where their imagination and dreams will take them. Let’s allow our littles to envision how they want to play; let them enjoy and experience each day from their individual points of view. Twig Creative is providing children the opportunity to pick up their own charming camera to discover and capture anything they can dream up.

“…we started designing toys that were inspired by modern gadgets, but powered solely by a child’s imagination.” -Steve and Michelle, Twig Creative

DSC_0705 Twig5

Rubina loves the push-able buttons and how each part moves; she takes a lot of photos and thoroughly enjoys reporting on what she’s discovered with each new glimpse! We continue to add to our collection and gift them to those we treasure. Every child has a vivid imagination which makes this the perfect surprise for a little you love. Well done, Twig Creative. We’re thankful you’ve shared your creativity with us.

Start building your own collection…


 Twig4 Twig1

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