let’s go fly a kite, chase bubbles & eat lollipops!


This past weekend our neighborhood had a kite festival we enjoyed with some sweet friends; it was SO much fun. We are thankful to be part of such a warm and inviting community. The wind chose to rest much of the day but we were still able to see our kites fly intermittently. Rubina enjoyed it thoroughly and divided her time between kite flying, inspecting the remote control airplanes, chasing bubbles that poured out of the bubble tower and, much to my dismay, admiring the reptiles (not my favorite thing but she is so fascinated). The day was beautiful and, after a tough week, it was a great reminder for me to pause, breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the lightheartedness of my sweet pea button and friends we treasure. And, let me tell you, there isn’t much a 3 year old loves more than kites, bubbles and lollipops…except maybe playdoh, boogers and french fries (which pretty much sums up every other day of our week).

IMG_0926 IMG_0927

   IMG_1145 IMG_1102 IMG_1074

IMG_1114 IMG_1112


 Dress | DKNY

Sandals | Saltwater Sandals

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