Product Feature ::: Twig Creative

A few years ago I stumbled upon the sweetest eco-friendly, toy camera for Rubina. Twig Creative is an incredible company run by husband and wife, Steve and Michelle. They handcraft modern toys and furniture for children; we have been big fans and supporters since their very early days.   I love the clever and innovative … Continue reading Product Feature ::: Twig Creative

i see you, patterns. in everything.

   I'm pattern and design obsessed. I see seek out patterns and textures in everything; even in pavement and paper towels. I fully recognize that it's strange to stare at a your paper towel and be drawn to it's design but, to be honest, this occurs often in my life. Rubina and I look for shapes and patterns in everything! She loves that the mountains look like triangles … Continue reading i see you, patterns. in everything.