Actually, Pamela is My Mother…

A lot of thought and prayer went into titling the documentary and I did initially struggle with the phrase "Calcutta is My Mother" simply because I do have a mother and her name is Pamela. While I believe it to be an appropriate title for the film because it best encompasses the driving force behind the project, I want to clear … Continue reading Actually, Pamela is My Mother…

My Guest Post on Adoption Mama Blog

Friends...the support for Calcutta is My Mother has been overwhelming! Today Tamara, of Adoption Mama Blog, is sharing a guest piece I wrote in order to promote the documentary and Kickstarter Campaign. You can find it here! If you're not already following her blog, you should start today! She's such a sweet mama with a … Continue reading My Guest Post on Adoption Mama Blog

Calcutta is My Mother | A Documentary

Last Fall I agreed to be the subject of a documentary in which my first return to Calcutta, India will be documented. My first return to the slum where my abandonment took place. My first glimpse into a culture that is sewn into the fiber of my being but to which I have no real connection. … Continue reading Calcutta is My Mother | A Documentary

Throwback to a Tiny Shredder…

Okay "shredder" might be a little extreme but our little one killed it on that mountain. Often we observe how uninhibited children are; how they aren't afraid of anything and are willing to take blind risks. And, obviously children are much more malleable and uninhibited than adults but they aren't necessarily fearless. I know my … Continue reading Throwback to a Tiny Shredder…

I Hate the Term “Adoptive Parents”

In one of my recent posts I used the term "Adoptive Mom" when referring to my mom. I did so for clarification purposes because I had also referenced my biological mom within the same paragraph. I hate that I called her my "adoptive mom". Even as I wrote that portion I labored over it, wavering … Continue reading I Hate the Term “Adoptive Parents”

Milkshakes, Broken Deals and a Fish Named Val | Valentines Day, Part 2

Well, Valentines Day is 2 days behind us and I'm sure you've all already begun your Easter, Halloween and Christmas prep but I wanted to share our February 14th with you anyway... Prior to dating Kevin, I was the last single person on earth according to my friends and family. I really didn't care much … Continue reading Milkshakes, Broken Deals and a Fish Named Val | Valentines Day, Part 2

The 70/30 Theory | Throwback Thursday

I have often teased Kevin that Rubina is 70% mine and 30% his. It's just a joke in our home but when she was first born I actually used to get mad when people would mention how much she looked like Kevin with no mention of me. I never expressed this outwardly, of course; it was simply an internal … Continue reading The 70/30 Theory | Throwback Thursday

The Genetic Gap.

These are my parents. I love them. Adore them. And what a family resemblance, right? I know I'm extremely fortunate to find deep family connections where there are no actual bloodlines. I've mentioned before that I've never felt any level of disconnect between my parents and I. There is, however, a genetic gap. A part … Continue reading The Genetic Gap.

Threads of Tradition | Throwback to a Sweet, Little Sweater and Traditions that Bind

(Left, me 1984 | Right, Rubina 2015) These photos thrill me. I love seeing Rubina in the same sweater I wore as a little girl. I delight in any opportunity to share with my precious Ruby. Especially pieces of my childhood. You may think I'm a terrible mother, but I found so much joy in … Continue reading Threads of Tradition | Throwback to a Sweet, Little Sweater and Traditions that Bind

Mermaid, Flower Girl and Pony Lover. 2014 Holiday Recap

I've been fairly inconsistent in keeping the blog current regarding our family. The last few months have been as busy for us as they have been for you... So, here's the holiday recap... Halloween | This was the first year Rubina really voiced her opinion as to what she wanted to be. A mermaid. She … Continue reading Mermaid, Flower Girl and Pony Lover. 2014 Holiday Recap