My Guest Post on Adoption Mama Blog

Friends…the support for Calcutta is My Mother has been overwhelming! Today Tamara, of Adoption Mama Blog, is sharing a guest piece I wrote in order to promote the documentary and Kickstarter Campaign. You can find it here!

If you’re not already following her blog, you should start today! She’s such a sweet mama with a genuine spirit. I adore her! Thank you, Tamara. xO.

If you want to donate to our campaign you can do so here!


One thought on “My Guest Post on Adoption Mama Blog

  1. We have been trying to be in touch with Tamara from as it appears her blog is down as everyone using the link is getting server errors. We wanted to let her know right away so she was aware of the issues. We love sharing her material to all our fans on Facebook. We just had no way of getting in touch with her so thought if you have an email for her since you guest blogged, would you be able to reach out and let her know? Thanks so much!


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