Threads of Tradition | Throwback to a Sweet, Little Sweater and Traditions that Bind

(Left, me 1984 | Right, Rubina 2015) These photos thrill me. I love seeing Rubina in the same sweater I wore as a little girl. I delight in any opportunity to share with my precious Ruby. Especially pieces of my childhood. You may think I'm a terrible mother, but I found so much joy in … Continue reading Threads of Tradition | Throwback to a Sweet, Little Sweater and Traditions that Bind

Block & Flow

Feast...Famine. All...Nothing. My previous post was about my excitement of beginning another year and all of the blank space splayed out before me. The truth is that since writing those words I've really struggled in the first days of 2015; to find motivation, to complete my to-do lists, to follow through and to really live well. … Continue reading Block & Flow

Amour Absolu | by Kathryn Giarratano

This is my dear friend, Kathryn.   She is an incredible wife to her darling husband, the sweetest momma to Giuliana and Layla and one of the dearest friends I've ever known. I love her and treasure her; I'm so thankful to have her in my life. Below is a piece she wrote for Written … Continue reading Amour Absolu | by Kathryn Giarratano

I Can Never Be Better Than You…

Kevin and I moved to Denver nearly five years ago and have been incredibly blessed to develop friendships that feel more like family. These are a few of my sweet friends (the entire crew is not pictured here, unfortunately). They are our Denver family and I am so thankful for these women. They're incredible; each … Continue reading I Can Never Be Better Than You…

harvesting | purpose & growth

I've mentioned before how much I love Fall and it's not only because I can bury myself deep in a cozy sweater or eat warm, hearty, calorie laden foods but also because of all that Fall represents. Fall is the season of harvest; a time where one is able to enjoy the fruits of their … Continue reading harvesting | purpose & growth

reshma mcclintock | death defier, friendship lover

Well, friends, I did it. I ran my first 5k. I defied death one painful, breathless step at a time. Yay me! Was it brutal? Yes. Did I love it. YES. Being that I am not a runner, I had no clue that you could/should actually research a course prior to the run. Oh, how I wish I had … Continue reading reshma mcclintock | death defier, friendship lover