tomorrow, i run…


Tomorrow is the day I’ll run my first 5k. You can read my first post about it here:

Again, I know that to so many of you running a 5k is not that big of a deal. To many of you it is just one more thing you’d check off your list like a stop at the grocery store or doing the dishes. For me, this is huge. First of all, it’s huge because it means I actually trained my body and am physically able to run ANY distance at all. This is amazing. And I promise I am not complimenting myself; I am just pointing out that I have spent most of my life out of shape and have repeatedly chosen complacency over that of achieving goals. The second indication of it’s hugeness is that it means I can add it to the very small, but growing, list of things I’ve said I would do and have actually followed through with. I’ve spent much of my life talking about all of the things I was going to do and much less of it actually doing. I’m a talker. Not a doer. However, I’ve set out to change this terrible trend in my life. I’ve got this sweet little shadow whose name is Rubina. She is always observing my actions and listening to my words. I also have this incredibly patient husband who has listened to me talk about my dreams and watched me move through many days and years having not put any work into bringing them to fruition. So, tomorrow I’ll run with he and Rubina in the forefront of my mind. They are my crew. My team. My people. This run may seem insignificant in comparison to bigger dreams I’ve yet to live out but, to me, it is incredibly symbolic of living with general integrity and transforming myself into a doer. Tomorrow, Kevin and Ruby will wait for me to cross the finish line; they’ll watch me take another step closer to becoming the woman I want to be. I want to be a woman of her word; who dreams up dreams and lives them out. Even though they will, likely, wait an unreasonable amount of time for me to finish, I know they’ll be there. I will probably cry before, during and after (mostly during) but I will finish what I started. Here I go…



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