harvesting | purpose & growth


I’ve mentioned before how much I love Fall and it’s not only because I can bury myself deep in a cozy sweater or eat warm, hearty, calorie laden foods but also because of all that Fall represents. Fall is the season of harvest; a time where one is able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Seed planting has already taken place; they have been tended to, cultivated and a lot of hard work has gone into their growth. Some would say that the harvest is the reward for all of this intensive, tedious work. Some anticipate a harvest rich in numbers; many seeds sown and the harvest will be vast. Others anticipate a smaller harvest, perhaps richer in reward because all they had, small as it may have been, was poured into their time of growth. I am not a farmer. Or a gardener. I may have once grown a bean in a dixie cup in 1st grade but I haven’t grown anything since. I am obviously speaking metaphorically when I refer to seeds being sown in anticipation of growth.


Kevin and I have endured many seasons of seed planting; many hours praying that the seeds we sow will bring about the result the Lord intended when He entrusted us with them. Some seeds represent the people in our lives; family, friends, co-workers. Other seeds represent our jobs, our city or our home. I believe the Lord can use anything in our lives to bring about growth in order to reveal our true character and purposes. We have had greats seasons of harvest and others that were bleak. We have shed tears and struggled to tend to the seeds with which we were asked to nurture at times and other seeds have been tended to with great joy and excitement. But there is always a harvest. Some harvests greater than others and some not desirable at all. They are our harvests, though. We have learned from them and have grown by learning that sometimes the efforts we put in may not necessarily reflect in the fruitfulness of each harvest. We’ve often had to take the time to stop and look back at what our intentions truly were when we were planting our seeds and learn from our mistakes. Ultimately, our entire lives are one big crop planting, seed sowing season with intermittent harvests scattered throughout. Kevin and I have experienced joy in our harvests and disappointments but each harvest is a gift; an opportunity for growth and refinement. Each harvest reveals more of our character and helps to shine an even brighter light on purposes yet to be fulfilled.

We are excited about the harvests to come in the years ahead; some just around the corner and others further down the line. There is so much joy to be shared in each day and we try to embrace it and each other fully. The photos are from our recent trip to the pumpkin patch which is where today’s theme was thought up… I hope you enjoy and I hope each harvest in your own lives is rich in purpose.

harvest7 harvest5

harvest4  harvest2


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