Catch / Release / Repeat


Rubina started Kindergarten in August. My plan to homeschool was undone just a few weeks prior to her first day. We prayed and labored and researched until we arrived at peace.

One of the key pieces in parenting is choosing a path for your children early on. It’s not easy. On one hand, so much rests on every decision. On the other, kids are resilient and we are too; we are bound to make mistakes that won’t necessarily alter the course of their lives.

I battled back and forth between homeschool, private school, and public school. I mean battled. Frankly, I had to let go of my idea of the path of least resistance. Certainly, keeping her home with me would ensure her safety more than any other option. Who will love her, care for her, or protect her as well as her momma? No one.

But, another huge part of parenting well is having faith. For me, faith looks like trusting God with every aspect of my sweet girls life; trusting Him with every aspect of my life and Kevin’s, as well. And, actually, I believe there is one lover, care taker, and protector greater than I. He’s the King of Kings. The Almighty. THE Protector. While I’ve taken credit for 70% of the make up of Rubina in my profound 70/30 Theory, the reality is, she ultimately belongs to Him. A child of God. As we all are.


Since the day her life sprouted within me, I’ve been catching her. I carry her. I nurture, love, protect, and enjoy her. I catch her every morning and every night. I will catch her forever.


The anticipation of her first day of Kindergarten brought about intense anxiety for this stay at home, homeschooling momma. Zero to 100 in one quick zip of her gold backpack and a tiny kiss on her squishy cheek. As anxiety inducing as this release was, I knew it was time. To relinquish some of the control I’d steadily maintained for the first 5 years of her life.

And a beautiful thing happened… Upon released she T H R I V E D beyond my wildest hopes. She is rising and growing and learning. She is reaching new heights by the minute. She is safe. She is loved. She is thriving.


It may seem silly for me to make such a big deal over Kindergarten. But it was a big deal for me. It still is. The greatest thing I’ve learned is that Kindergarten is the introduction to the R E L E A S E portion of parenting. The releases will become increasingly easier and increasingly more difficult, depending on each season and scenario. This is life. This is parenting.

C A T C H   / / /   R E L E A S E   / / /   R E P E A T



3 thoughts on “Catch / Release / Repeat

  1. Love this Resh! I hear ya on the tough decision to send our kids where it seems safety is no guarantee. But like you, I love seeing our son thrive in it, and I pray that he will be a light to those kids and staff that don’t know Jesus. It is his own little mission field – how cool is that! Praying that it will continue to get easier and that she will continue to love it!!


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