Catch / Release / Repeat

Rubina started Kindergarten in August. My plan to homeschool was undone just a few weeks prior to her first day. We prayed and labored and researched until we arrived at peace. One of the key pieces in parenting is choosing a path for your children early on. It's not easy. On one hand, so much … Continue reading Catch / Release / Repeat

Rubina Tyler /// Version 5.0

Our adored babe is now 5 years old and tiny, no longer. There are days in which the past five years are a colorful blur and days in which I feel the wear and weight of every minute. It's been challenging and growth inducing in the most beautiful and rewarding ways. Worth the wear, worth … Continue reading Rubina Tyler /// Version 5.0

Bad Mom, Part 1 | No vs. Yes

Part 1 | No vs. Yes Rubina ask so many questions in a single day. More questions than I ever thought was possible. I've even categorized them; here's the breakdown: The "Can I's": Can I have some chocolate? Can I go outside? Can I get a cat? Can I jump from the fourth stair? Can I get a … Continue reading Bad Mom, Part 1 | No vs. Yes