The Things We Didn’t Do / The Things We Did

2016 was a good, hard year. As an eternal optimist I tend to find even the tiniest morsel of good amidst the hard. The hard things we endured this year led us to more goodness and assisted us in appreciating that goodness more fully.

I’m not a resolution writer, rather, I’m a constant goal maker. Generally the things I know I want to accomplish run on a constant, daily reel inside my head. I have big dreams and high hopes; some of them completely realistic and some, not so much.

The truth about the year behind me, is there are many things I failed to accomplish. I dabbled here and there and put a great deal of thought into the things I didn’t do. For one reason or another (laziness, insecurity, time, finances, determination, etc), many goals weren’t realized. And that’s okay.

So often in thinking about the things we hope to do and the things we haven’t done yet, we overlook all the things we did.

Let us not discount the things we did do. We did some things, you and I.

Many of us did them while under a great deal of stress and in the midst of utter chaos. Some of us did them while battling grief and depression. Much of the time we were doing the things we did, something was boiling over on the stove, one of our tiny humans was melting down, and we were simultaneously ignoring our need to pee (we I may have even accomplished some of our my things while peeing, if we’re I’m being real).

Sometimes we can do better. And sometimes we have to credit ourselves for doing at all.

So, good for you. For doing what you did.

I made some great strides in 2016; strides that propelled my family, my work, and my dreams further. I didn’t do everything but I did do something.

Write down the things you did. Give credit where credit is due. Share what you did. Here are a few of my doings…

Reached 10 years of marriage and 12 years of togetherness with my darling Kevin.

Fulfilled 11 speaking engagements surrounding adoption, motherhood, and ministry.IMG_3646

Celebrated my daughters 5th birthday.

Had an article published in Adoption Today!

Survived my daughters entry into Kindergarten.

Turned my Ruby gem into a Ruby gem for Halloween (this is my achievement in concept and glitter application and Kevin’s in implementation, because…math).img_7793


Successfully made glitter slime after 3 failed attempts.

Allowed my gold obsessed, princess, dolly to fulfill her dream of playing hockey (mad props welcome for this one…).


Became a proud (freezing) hockey mom 😉

Made it through my first whole year without my momma.

Chaperoned Rubina’s first field trip!

Enjoyed my family during out of state visits.


Grieved the loss of my momma hard and thoroughly.

Got my Advent calendar up by December 1st!

Perhaps DIY glitter slime, grief, and basic life experiences don’t come to mind as major accomplishments for everyone but they do in our house. Life can be hard. Count all the victories, all the joys, and all the trials. Count all the things you didn’t do so you can do them this year (or next), but be sure to count the things you did first.




7 thoughts on “The Things We Didn’t Do / The Things We Did

  1. Love, my friend, love every word and I love you dearly! Xoxoxo

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    Reshma McClintock posted: “2016 was a good, hard year. As an eternal optimist I tend to find even the tiniest morsel of good amidst the hard. The hard things we endured this year led us to more goodness and assisted us in appreciating that goodness more fully. I’m not a resolution”

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  2. You are truly an amazing soul! I love you and your family and your amazing shares on life! It gives me all the feels on emotions and life so thank you for being amszing you!


  3. Congratulations on all but especially making through your first year without your mom. I’m going to count that every year from now on!


  4. What a wonderful and heartfelt review of your 2016. I commend you for your openness and ability to share with others. You have many gifts, Resh. Proud of you 😉


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