In May I will focus solely on the topic of motherhood in a series titled, Motherhood in May. The anticipation of my first Mother’s Day without my mom, has my emotions in a hurricane-esque fury. I find myself anticipating the weight of her absence caving in on me on a day in which I have more reasons than ever to celebrate a woman who mothered me so well and taught me how to be a mom worth celebrating for my own daughter.


Within this loss, I have gained the advantage of a perspective it’s difficult to find without loss. It eases my sorrow to share what I’ve learned and what I wish I had done different; to give other daughters, mothers, and women the opportunity to gain the perspective without necessarily enduring the loss. And for those of you who have endured this type of loss, I hope you find peace in the familiarity of my words and comfort in knowing we’re in this together.



noun | muth-er-hoo d

the state or experience of having and raising a child


Well, that’s an understatement…


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