Today I am Thirty Five…Give or Take a Day or Two…

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Today is my 35th birthday. I’m pretty sure, anyway. But I do not know this 100%. Because of the circumstances surrounding my abandonment, there is no real way to confirm the actual date of my birth. Did they record my birth as the day they found me? Or was it the day I arrived at the orphanage? Is March 19th the actual day I breathed my first breath? I do not know.  This is one of many details which cannot be confirmed with any degree of certainty. All my life, my birthday has been celebrated on March 19th. I have written 03/19/80 on every form requesting my DOB; it’s on my birth certificate and passport. As far as I’m concerned, March 19th is my birthday and whether or not that is actually the case, I don’t really care. There are, however, specifics surrounding the beginning of my life which I do wonder about; specifics that evade me. Specifics that burden me.

I need to go to Calcutta and fill in as many blanks as possible. I need to see it and feel it and allow it all to envelop me.

Since launching the campaign to fund Calcutta is My Mother (which you can read about here), I have been contacted by more than 30 adoptees. Many have shared their personal stories and struggles with me, some have applauded me for sharing mine and all have become new and treasured friends. I have been overwhelmed and blessed by the response to our campaign. The support has left me feeling humbled, blessed and, most of all, confident in the path I’m pursuing. The film has already given me incredible opportunities to share my story on behalf of so many others. I hope to be a part of facilitating other adoptees in sharing their fears and joys; the successes in their adoptions and the things they wish had been different.

The film isn’t really about me. I happen to be the face you’ll see plenty of (more than you’d like, I’m sure) but my story is her story and his story. My story is that of many adoptees. My story is about deep longings and desires hidden in the hearts of so many whose lives began with abandonment. It’s our story.

If you’d like to view the trailer for Calcutta is My Mother and support our fundraising efforts you can do so here.

Remember this is an all or nothing campaign; we will only receive the funds if we reach/surpass our minimum goal of $15,000. Only $2,319 to go!

We are SO close and SO thankful for each and every dollar.

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