S E V E N.

In the past 23 days we have not only met our minimum goal of $15,000; we have exceeded it.


This entire process, so far, has really humbled me. I’m so thankful for your generous gifts and for those who have promoted Calcutta is My Mother.

Because Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” crowd funding site, we had to make our initial goal attainable. And, to be honest, I wasn’t really certain $15,000 was attainable. And you have shown otherwise. Thank you.

It’s important to me that you know our stretch goal is not a greed goal. Making a documentary is an incredibly tedious, expensive process, especially when it involves international travel. We hope to drastically exceed our initial request of $15,000 for the following reasons:

  • Producing the documentary in a timely manner
  • Producing the documentary with the best possible quality by hiring an editor, composer and colorist
  • Travel funds so the crew may travel to Oregon to conduct interviews with my family and add more depth to the documentary
  • Funds for film promotion, film festival entry and the travel costs this will involve

I assure you, the items on the list above have always been there and we have put a lot of time and thought into our budget. More than ever, I can see the importance of filming this documentary and in completing it well. I continue to be inundated with emails and messages from parents who have adopted children and adoptees who relate so closely to what we’re doing. I know that this is purposeful and has the potential to make a deep impact.  I am SO thankful I get to be a part of sharing the story of so many.

We ask that you continue to share and give, as you’re able.

Only S E V E N days to go.

In order to view the trailer and make a donation please go here!

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