Calcutta is My Mother | FAQ

In case you missed yesterdays big announcement, you can read about it here!

I’ve received some good questions about the documentary and I wanted to address them:

Q: How do your parents feel about this?

A: I have a very close relationship with both of my parents and rarely does a day pass in which I don’t speak to them. We’ve spent many hours talking this through. Aside from my husband, Kevin, they have shown the most support. Of course I worry about any insecurities they may have but I’ve been careful to address all of that with them and I know they are completely on board and perhaps more excited than anyone.

Q: Have you been to India before?

A: Yes, I have been to India but never to Calcutta or anywhere near. My time in India previously was focused on mission type work; serving with ministries I’m passionate about. This journey will finally take me back to Calcutta, where I was born. The primary focus of this trip will be on sharing the experience from the perspective of an adoptee. I know it will serve me well to have a jump start on the culture shock since I’ve visited other parts of India and I know some of what to expect. This trip will be unique in that I hope to use my story to share on behalf of so many adoptees grappling with feelings of disconnect from their culture.

Q: I saw your article on Psychology Today and Chicago Now yesterday; will you be sharing on any other sites?

A: AHHHHHHHH!!! I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share my story on such incredible platforms! I contacted a few bloggers and writers who have been really gracious in agreeing to write about our project or have asked me to write a piece for their site. You will see a few more pop up throughout the remainder of the campaign. I’m so humbled and grateful for their support. You can read my article on Psychology Today here and the other on Chicago Now here!

Q: When will you go?

A: Our plan is to travel to India in June of this year. We originally planned the dates prior to realizing that we will actually be in Calcutta on the 35th anniversary of the day I left India. I LOVE THIS. Isn’t that amazing?

Q: How did this all come about?

A: I started officially writing a book about my adoption last summer; I’d been writing for years but not in an organized fashion. After months of writing (yes, I’m slow) I mentioned to Kevin that I wasn’t sure I could finish my book without traveling back to Calcutta; it was a key piece for me that was missing. The very next day I received an email from a friend from HS who I hadn’t seen in over 16 years. Michael, the director of the film, asked if I’d be willing to have a documentary made about my first return to Calcutta. Side note…he wasn’t even certain I hadn’t been back. It was pretty incredible timing and, after much prayer, Kevin and I knew it was clearly part of the Lord’s plan.

I hope this helps provide you with some answers and please email me if you have any further questions.

I’d love your support in raising the funds for the documentary. In order to view the trailer and donate, please click here!

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