My [less than] Two Cents on Implementing Trends…on Your Face.

I don't do many style posts, primarily because I don't claim to be a fashion expert even though I do love it. But today, something is on my mind... Trends. In the beginning, we love them with an overwhelming lust like that of a hormone charged¬† jr. higher; we hurriedly bring them into our closets … Continue reading My [less than] Two Cents on Implementing Trends…on Your Face.

Amour Absolu | by Kathryn Giarratano

This is my dear friend, Kathryn.   She is an incredible wife to her darling husband, the sweetest momma to Giuliana and Layla and one of the dearest friends I've ever known. I love her and treasure her; I'm so thankful to have her in my life. Below is a piece she wrote for Written … Continue reading Amour Absolu | by Kathryn Giarratano

fall style flow.

Today is the first official day of Fall which happens to be my favorite season. I love how colorful and cool it is. I love the traditions of the season and being cozy in my favorite sweater while watching football; so terribly cliche but it's true. ¬†Dressing my little one is among my most favorite … Continue reading fall style flow.