i see you, patterns. in everything.


   I’m pattern and design obsessed. I see seek out patterns and textures in everything; even in pavement and paper towels. I fully recognize that it’s strange to stare at a your paper towel and be drawn to it’s design but, to be honest, this occurs often in my life. Rubina and I look for shapes and patterns in everything! She loves that the mountains look like triangles and the way rain splatters on our windows and drips down creating beautiful lines for us to admire. I love the staggered way in which bricks are laid and we both love the strokes you can see in the trail behind your paintbrush. She often tries to recreate the random patterns we spy when painting, playing with playdoh or writing on her chalkboard.  It’s one of the ways we try to find beauty in everything. We are always on the lookout for a good texture and unique pattern, whether it be in a beautiful piece of art or in a small square of toilet paper.

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