THIS is Motherhood.

Motherhood in May / Part 5

In true Reshma McClintock form, I am finishing up the Motherhood in May series in JUNE. This is real life and, in my world, it looks like good intentions, sometimes poor delivery and late arrival, profound joy, immense frustration, a heap of clothes on the bed, Play-Doh in the carpet, and 7,000 questions a day.

THIS is motherhood.

The truth is, being a mom is good and hard. I constantly struggle within motherhood’s firm, around the clock grip. I’m also privileged to relish in greater depths of joy and hilarity because of this life altering gig.

It fills and drains me. It is ridiculously funny and painstakingly brutal. It’s literally sticky, heart warming, and sweat inducing on a daily basis. It’s a real grind, but a beautiful one.

Motherhood has a way of making you want to do it 10 times over while concurrently wondering why you ever signed up for it to begin with. There are moments in which I feel like a mom genius and times in which I fear I’ve done irreparable damage. The reality is, neither of those feelings are truth based and I spend most of my time somewhere in the middle.

I think I’m doing a good job and I know I can do better. I hope that by next May I’m even more on top of my mom game. I hope I push myself harder and pay closer attention. I hope I continue to learn from the momma’s in my life who are doing motherhood proud. I hope I say yes more than no and look up to see what weird or brilliant thing my little one is doing even when I’m busy.


I certainly don’t claim to be an authority on the topic of motherhood but I find great value in sharing and documenting our wild ride. I plan to hold on tight and strive to do it as well as so many of you.

Motherhood in May



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