life lessons as taught by a novice scooter rider.

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We’ve spent  much of our summer swimming, barbecuing, going to parks and scooting. A lot of scooting. By “we” I mean, Rubina and by “a lot” I mean A LOT. She is a scooting machine; not a well oiled machine but a machine, nonetheless. She’s learning to be patient with herself and to focus on balance. Most of all, she’s learned to keep moving forward. She’s had plenty of frustrating moments but she continues to get back on and scoot millimeter by millimeter down the path laid out before her. Since becoming her mom, more than 3 years ago, I have learned more about life in this brief time than in all my former years combined. They tell you how in love you’ll be with your little one, how hard it will be and how worth it it is but they do not tell you just how much you’ll learn about yourself and about life. About how many lessons there are to glean from our babes as they learn to navigate their little lives. This past week alone my sweet Ruby girl taught me to start slow and then go all in, don’t worry about who’s watching you or what they’ll think, not to worry if anyone is even watching at all and it’s okay if you stumble so long as you keep pushing onward. Long strides or brief, abrupt jolts as long as you’re moving forward.  Endure because endurance brings about fruitful characteristics such as growth and humility.

Scoot, friends, just keep scooting…

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