Fear Reveals Our Strengths


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When quieting our fears in order to build and grow and do, it’s important to focus on the ways in which our strengths surface in the face of fear. Most of our dreams are attainable. Truly. If you want to write a book, write it. If you want to do yoga, sign up for a class. Want to run a 5k? If I did it, you can do it. What I love about the pursuit of dreams is the euphoric joy that comes when you’ve achieved them. Often times the flow of euphoria begins to show itself in just the first, small step. Because we’ve already established Fear is a Liar, we know we can do everything fear says we can’t. When we are afraid we have a choice to retreat or pursue; in our moments of fearfulness our inner strength appears. We can push through our doubts, insecurities, and even the limitations others put on us. So much of what we choose to do depends on if we believe other people think we can… Sometimes, I’m as afraid of the actual thing I hope to achieve as I am of what people will think of me even attempting to achieve it (we’ll discuss that here soon in my next series on success…). We need to show ourselves and others what we’re capable of; we need to give our strengths an opportunity to flex.

When we decide to rise and commit ourselves to achieving goals and overcoming enormous obstacles, our strength also rises. Everything we do or don’t do, begins in our mind. So, let’s choose to do. The fear that once overwhelmed us, that once held us back will ultimately reveal previously untapped strengths. We are a force; fear may have prevented us from unleashing that force in the past, but today is a new day. Today, fear will sit down and our strengths will stand up. Let’s go… FLEX.

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