Fear is a Liar

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Regarding our goals, hopes, and dreams…

When fear grips, when it calls your name, remember FEAR IS A LIAR. In my life fear is sometimes patient; taking a backseat to joyful anticipation when I choose to begin something new and subtly creeping in further down the road. Other times, fear is impatient and stands boldly and arrogantly in my way; preventing me from even taking steps toward that which I hope for most. Whether patient or impatient, when I’m filled with fear its power is paralyzing. And every time fear presents itself, it is lying.

I have learned most of my fears are self imposed as a way of self preservation. If I allow fear to overwhelm me and I just don’t (don’t try, don’t start, don’t finish) I cannot fail. Frequently, fear is about failure more than anything else. And I have found that failure is multifaceted. For me failure can be as obvious as actually failing or as inconspicuous as actually succeeding. Fear of failure and fear of success are equally prevalent in my life. We will fail; it’s inevitable. But why allow fear to play a role in our rise or fall? Fear offers unsolicited, unfounded advice; it’s pathological in its determination to mislead. It’s time to shut it down.

I have a few wild, possibly even foolish goals. I also have a few attainable goals. What they have in common is fear. Fear will never stop trying to deceive and discourage. Fear will never stop attempting to strangle. Fear will persist. So let’s treat fear as fear deserves to be treated. Fear is a liar and we don’t have room for lies and deceit. We haven’t got time to waste on the dream paralysis fear imposes. We have work to do. So let’s rise or fall and remember: Fear is a liar and will not be permitted to dictate our successes or failures.

Peace out, Fear. Hello…everything on the other side…!

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