Stick to What You Know / Redesign, Redefine, Relaunch



I kind of wish my website was a room. I’d live in it. It’s so clean, and fresh, and new. Go ahead…poke around… Several months ago I dug out some graph paper and began scribbling different ideas for a logo. I decided I needed to refocus and I’d begin with a logo. I created something I liked and sent it off to my sweet friend and Designer Extraordinaire, Jenn Goodrich. She brought my amateur doodle to life and my like turned to love. And thanks to WordPress, I was able to redesign my site as I don’t write code. I know when Rubina whines it’s code for “I’m hungry, or tired, or bored”. I know  when Kevin asks if the pile of clothes on the bed is clean it’s code for, “I’m out of clean socks”. That’s the only code I speak. So thank you, WordPress.


Remember that one time I shared a recipe? It was my fourth post. It was more than 2 years ago. I didn’t even make UP the recipe (which I was clear about in the post). This simply isn’t the place you come to get a good recipe; let’s be real. I needed to redefine and refocus this space. There are two areas I predominately focus on here and I have redefined these pages to reflect them.

Motivation and Motherhood.


After months of finalizing details for the redesign and redefine phases, I am ready to share it all with you. Some of the photos are the same, because who has time for family photos? But you will find I’ll be streamlining the content. I promise the same degree of authenticity and over sharing (don’t worry about that!) and to up my posting frequency game (as best I can).

What I learned in all this is to stick with what you know. When we try to do it all, we will fall short nearly every time. Assess your talents, unique gifting, and areas of expertise; then go with that. You were created to do what you do best. Keep your eyes on your own work and grade yourself on your own scale. I’m not one of those mom bloggers who has an abundance of time, photographers, brick wall backgrounds, and apparent effortless wit. I love them but I’m not trying to be one of them. They’re doing quite well on their own. I’m trying to be me. I’m going to raise my own bar and do what I do well.

Dream and do. Encourage and be encouraged.


And, trust me, stick to what you know.



6 thoughts on “Stick to What You Know / Redesign, Redefine, Relaunch

  1. Reshma, I love reading all these wonderful things about you. Keep on looking up and I know you will reach your goal.
    Love to you, Ruby & Kevin====CoCo too


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