that watermelon freshness.

watermelon dish alone

As fall draws near, I am clinging to the last remnants of summer and summertime salads are a big part of that in our home. I’m sure you’ve heard of combining watermelon, feta and mint leaves into a salad. Haven’t we all? Being the watermelon purist that I am, I was hesitant to try it… That is until I needed to throw together an easy side for a neighborhood bbq and happened to have all of the ingredients on hand. I felt like doing more than filling a serving bowl with watermelon cubes. Every recipe I’ve come across includes watermelon, feta, mint leaves and some type of dressing of varying complexities. I opted to make mine without any dressing as Kevin and I agreed the flavors balanced and complimented each other so well that there was no need for any additions. We love this dish. We’ve eaten it nearly every week this summer and our friends are always asking for the recipe. Let’s be clear here…I’m not claiming to have created or discovered this salad…I’m just saying that I choose not to dress mine 🙂 Please see my version (and probably that of a zillion others) below. Make it this weekend! You will love the freshness and brightness that feta and mint bring to a classic, summertime watermelon.

Watermelon full

Watermelon | Feta | Mint Leaves

Cube 1/2 of a watermelon and place in bowl. Crumble desired amount of  feta onto the watermelon and gently toss to combine the ingredients. Finely chop mint leaves and sprinkle over the watermelon and feta mixture. The balancing of ingredients is completely up to you and your taste preference so start out slow and add as you like. ENJOY!

watermelon up close

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