Actually, Pamela is My Mother…

A lot of thought and prayer went into titling the documentary and I did initially struggle with the phrase "Calcutta is My Mother" simply because I do have a mother and her name is Pamela. While I believe it to be an appropriate title for the film because it best encompasses the driving force behind the project, I want to clear … Continue reading Actually, Pamela is My Mother…

Calcutta is My Mother | A Documentary

Last Fall I agreed to be the subject of a documentary in which my first return to Calcutta, India will be documented. My first return to the slum where my abandonment took place. My first glimpse into a culture that is sewn into the fiber of my being but to which I have no real connection. … Continue reading Calcutta is My Mother | A Documentary

I Hate the Term “Adoptive Parents”

In one of my recent posts I used the term "Adoptive Mom" when referring to my mom. I did so for clarification purposes because I had also referenced my biological mom within the same paragraph. I hate that I called her my "adoptive mom". Even as I wrote that portion I labored over it, wavering … Continue reading I Hate the Term “Adoptive Parents”

The 70/30 Theory | Throwback Thursday

I have often teased Kevin that Rubina is 70% mine and 30% his. It's just a joke in our home but when she was first born I actually used to get mad when people would mention how much she looked like Kevin with no mention of me. I never expressed this outwardly, of course; it was simply an internal … Continue reading The 70/30 Theory | Throwback Thursday